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Oracle10g Grid Computing with RAC
Chapter 17 -
Oracle’s Grid Integration Technologies

Process Architecture

Client Process: This process (impdp or expdp) makes calls to the Data Pump API.  After a Data Pump job is established, the client process is not required to keep the job running.  Multiple clients can attach and detach from a job for the purpose of monitoring and control.

Shadow Process: This is a foreground process that resides on the database server.  This process is created when a client logs into the Oracle server.  The shadow process creates a job, which primarily consists of creating the Master Table, creating the queues in Advanced Queues (AQ) used for communication among the various processes, and creating the master control process.  Once a job is running, the shadow process’ main job is to check the job status for the client process.  If the client process detaches, the shadow process goes away; however, the remaining Data Pump job processes are still active.  Another client process can create a new shadow process and attach to the existing job.

Master Control Process: This process controls the execution and sequencing of a Data Pump job.  It mainly sits in a work dispatch loop during a job’s execution and stays until the job is successfully completed.  The master process has two main functions: to divide the loading and unloading of data and metadata tasks and handle the worker processes; and to manage the information in the Master Table and record job activities in the log file.  The master control process maintains job state, job description, restart, and dump file set information in the Master Table.

Worker Process: This process handles the request assigned by the master control process.  The worker process is responsible for loading and unloading data and metadata.  You can define the number of worker processes you need by assigning a number to the parallel parameter.  The worker process maintains the object rows and their current status (e.g., pending, completed, failed) in the Master Table and maintains information about on what type of object (e.g., tables, indexes, views) work is being done.  This process can be used to stop or restart a job.

Parallel Query Process: This process is used when the Data Pump chooses External Table API as the data access method for loading and unloading data.  The worker process that uses the External Table API creates multiple parallel query processes for data movement, with the worker process acting as the query coordinator.

Figure 17.2 Process architecture

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