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Oracle10g Grid Computing with RAC
Chapter 17 -
Oracle’s Grid Integration Technologies

New Parameters for Data Pump Import

 – If the datafile specified in the CREATE TABLESPACE statement already exists, and the value of this parameter is set to N (default), then an error message is issued.  However, the import job will continue.  If the value is set to Y, a warning message is issued and the existing datafile is reinitialized.  However, this may result in a loss of data.

schemas – This specifies a list of schemas to import. The schemas themselves are first created, including system and object grants, password history, and so on. Then all objects contained within the schemas are imported. Non-privileged users can specify only their own schemas and no information about the schema definition is imported.

sqlfile– This specifies a file that will capture all the SQL DDL that the Import utility will be executing based on other parameters. The SQL statement is not executed, and the target database remains unchanged. You can first edit the new SQL file with modifications and then run it on the target database. This is similar to the method used in the original export and import utilities in which export is run with ROWS=N and then import is run with SHOW=Y. 

table_exists_action – This instructs the import utility on what to do if the table it is trying to import already exists. This parameter is similar to the IGNORE parameter in the original import utility, yet it has more options (see the following):

  • SKIP – This leaves the table unchanged and moves on to the next table (SKIP is the default value).

  • APPEND – This appends new rows from the source to the existing table.

  • TRUNCATE – This deletes existing rows and then loads the row from the source.

  • REPLACE – This drops the existing table, creates the new table according to the source table definition, then loads the source data. (Tip: When you use APPEND or TRUNCATE, checks are made to ensure that rows from the source are compatible with the existing table prior to performing any action.)

For more information, see the book Oracle 11g Grid and Real Application Clusters 30% off if you buy it directly from Rampant TechPress . 

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Remote DBA Services

Burleson Consulting can offer world-class remote Oracle database support at super-affordable prices.

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We require a 12 month service commitment and include the following services:

  • Initial configuration review and problem identification
  • Installation of Oracle statistics collection mechanisms and quarterly database growth summaries
  • Hourly monitoring of your Oracle database for pending problems
  • Periodic performance analysis & identification of tuning activities
  • Twenty Four hour Oracle emergency support
  • Reporting and resolving all serious Oracle alert log messages
  • Free use of the BC TablePack, ServerPack and AuditPack services
  • Quick response emergency support for production database outages
  • Four hours of free remote DBA support every month. You can use these free hours for any DBA activity, including database analysis, system design, production migrations or personal mentoring.

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Oracle performance tuning software
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