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Oracle 10g Failover in RAC

With Oracle Database 10g, support for streams in the Oracle RAC environment has been considerably extended. In prior releases, whenever a failure of a RAC instance occurred, there was a bit of manual work in restarting the capture or apply processes. And also for capturing the events, archive logs were read instead of online redo log files. These two issues have been enhanced.

Now, the following actions occur automatically when an instance failure occurs:

  • Each queue that was previously owned by the failed instance is assigned to a new instance.

  • The capture process is restarted automatically on the new instance.

  • All propagation jobs are automatically migrated to the new instance.

  • The apply process is restarted automatically on the new instance.

However, there are still some actions that need to be taken by the streams administrator:

  • For propagations that were configured with the failed instance as the destination, drop the database link and recreate it using the same global name, but pointing to the failover instance.

  • For propagation at the failover instance, verify the dynamic initialization parameter job_queue_processes is greater than zero.

To improve the performance of streams for a RAC database, a capture process can now capture changes from the archived redo logs or from the online redo. When it reads the redo log files, it is known as Hot-Mining. This feature allows changes to be captured closer to the time they were executed, reducing the capture latency.

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