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Oracle 10g Steps to Apply a VPD Policy

  1. Grant the appropriate user with privilege to apply policy.

SQL> grant execute on dbms_rls to vpd_admin;

  1. Create a function that implements the VPD policy

Return …  is

  1. Apply the policy to the table by using the dbms_rls package.

dbms_rls.add_policy (
object_schema     => ‘hr’,
object_name       => ‘employees’,
policy_name       => ‘hr_policy’,
function_schema   => ‘hr’,
function_function => ‘dept_policy_func’,
statement_type    => ‘select, update’,
sec_relevant_cols => ‘salary’);

In the example above, assume the policy allows users to view their own salary information and department managers to view all salaries in their own department but not for employees in different departments.  

The following SQL statement will not enforce row-level access control because none of the relevant columns is accessed.  Therefore, all rows will be returned from the employees table.

SQL> select first_name, last_name, phone_number
   2 from   employees;

The following SQL statement will enforce row-level access control because a security relevant column salary is accessed.

SQL> select employee_id, last_name, salary, department_id
   2 from   employees;

 If user Tobias issues the above SQL statement, the query will rewrite as follows, and he will only see one row return with his own information:

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