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Oracle 10g Steps to Apply a VPD Policy

SQL> select employee_id, last_name, salary, department_id
   2 from   employees
   3 where  employee_id = 117; 

----------- ------------------ ------ -------------

        117 Tobias               2800            30

If manager Raphaely issues the same SQL statement, the query will rewrite as follows, and he will see all employees information returned from his own department 30:

SQL> select employee_id, last_name, salary, department_id
   2 from   employees
   3 where  department_id = 30;

----------- ------------------ ------ -------------
        119 Colmenares           2500            30
        118 Himuro               2600            30
        117 Tobias               2800            30
        116 Baida                2900            30
        115 Khoo                 3100            30
        114 Raphaely            11000            30

The result of applying the VPD policy is row-level access control and row level security (RLS).  Users can only access the specific data determined by the policy function.  The ability to specify relevant columns in VPD policies provides higher data security.  No matter how users access data, they can no longer bypass security checks, since security policy is enforced by the database and not by applications.  Furthermore, security can be built once in the database server, rather than in each application that accesses data.  The Virtual Private Database results in lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in deploying applications.

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