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BC Oracle TechBlast at Sea 2010

A Burleson Consulting cruise

May 9, 2010: Cruise sets sail from Port Canaveral
May 9-16, 2010: Cruise the Eastern Caribbean
At Sea Training Days: May 11, 14, & 15, 2010


The world's best Oracle training comes from practicing Oracle consultants, real Oracle experts and authors who combine years of experience with outstanding communications skills.  The problem is that the top Oracle experts are busy working with mission critical databases and rarely do public training. 

Only once per year, Burleson Consulting offers a public training class, a rare opportunity to learn the secrets of Oracle from some of the world's most highly regarded Oracle experts and authors, people who have managed some of the world's largest and complex databases.

Don Burleson Lecturing on 2008 Cruise

Beautiful amenities on board

The Appeal of a BC Oracle Cruise

This is a full 7-night Cruise with an onboard Oracle DBA class, all for less than the cost of a traditional training class. Cruise prices are at an all-time low, and this is an unprecedented opportunity to combine the vacation of a lifetime with world-class Oracle DBA internals training.  In past years, BC has had great success with our shipboard Oracle cruises, a great way to have fun and share valuable Oracle technical information.


The Freedom of the Seas

There are many benefits to our land-sea Oracle training:

  • World class education:  BC has some of the top Oracle experts in the world, and this is a not-to-miss class with expert advise for working DBA professionals.  Unlike traditional Oracle DBA training, the BC Oracle DBA training is taught by practicing Oracle DBA consultants with decades of hands-on, real-world experience. 
  • Bring the family:  Your loved ones can share your stateroom for as little as $662++ each, making the BC Oracle cruise the most affordable training option anywhere. 
  • Convince the boss:  See these important notes on how to convince your boss the BC cruise is a great value.  Here is an Oracle 11g Upgrading Training Class management overview, ready to print for review by your management. (TOP)
  • Bring the team - This is a phenomenal team building opportunity!  Discounts are available for multiple attendees from the same company.


    Cost each




















    $   995

  • Traditional invoicing:  Because the training is not at any fixed place, the Oracle class invoices are shown as being conducted in Port Canaveral, where the class begins.
  • Great Price - The BC Oracle DBA cruise is better quality training at an even better price.  The BC Oracle cruise is far less expensive than a traditional Oracle DBA class, with an unparalleled intimate learning experiences.  Compare your options, and you will see why the Oracle cruise is a no-brainer!
  Vendor  Course Travel Room Total Cost
  Oracle University $3,750 $600 $1,000 $5,300
  BC Oracle Cruise


$600  $1,250* $3,845



Meet your trainer:

Donald K. Burleson is one of the world's best known Oracle experts and authors. 

A retired Adjunct Professor Emeritus, Burleson has more than 20 years of full-time DBA experience, authored 32 Oracle database books, written over 100 Oracle articles, and serves as Editor-in-Chief of Rampant TechPress.


About the BC Oracle cruise

On May 9, 2010 we set sail on the Freedom of the Seas.  Experience a masterpieces of naval engineering, featuring a rock-climbing wall; our FlowRider® surf park at sea; cantilevered whirlpools that extend 12 feet beyond the sides of the ship; the H20 ZoneSM waterpark, complete with interactive sculpture fountains, ground geysers and a cascading waterfall; and so much more!

For Oracle cruise details and booking information, now.

Eastern Caribbean Cruise Map

It's never been easier to book your Oracle training at sea.  You book your cruise independently with Royal Caribbean, so you have the full flexibility to choose your own accommodations.

- Step 1:  Call (800) 766-1884 to book your class seat

- Step 2:  Book your cruise online
- Step 3: Book your Port Canaveral hotel


About the Oracle DBA training class

Upgrading to Oracle11g

Copyright © 2007-2010 by Burleson Consulting

New Features for Database Creation and Deletion
·        SYSAUX Tablespace
·        Automated Storage Management Configuration
·        Automated RAC Services Configuration
·        Simplified Upgrade for RAC and OPS Databases
·        Drop Database  

Database Tuning and Performance Improvements
Database Resource Manager Improvements
·        Database Resource Manager Overview
·        Adaptive Consumer Group Mapping
·        Fixed CPU Quota
·        Integration of Resource Manager and Profiles
Tuning Improvements
·        Buffer Cache Flushing - User Initiated
·        Automated Checkpoint Tuning
·        CPU Costing
·        Dynamic Sampling
Tuning Transaction Recovery
·        Easy Transaction Recovery Monitoring
Oracle Enterprise Manager Changes
·        Overview of the changes
·        SQL Reporting
·        New Performance Overview Charts
Single-Set Aggregates in DML Returning Clause
New and Updated Optimizer Hints
Wait Model Improvements
·        Overview of enhancements
·        Changes and updates
Application Tuning
·        Overview of improvements
·        SQL Access Advisor
·        Materialized View Tuning API - The new   
New Static Data Dictionary Views
·        Overview
·        List of Views and Explanation
New Dynamic Performance Views
·        Overview
·        List of Views
Static data dictionary views have new columns
Dynamic performance views have new columns
Oracle11g New Features for Tablespace Management
Temporary Tablespace
·        Temporary Tablespace Group Overview
·        Temporary Tablespace Group Benefits
·        Examples
Rename Tablespace
·        Tablespace Rename Overview
·        Tablespace Rename Benefits
·        Examples
Bigfile Tablespace
·        Bigfile Tablespace Overview
·        Bigfile Tablespace Benefits
·        Extended ROWID Format
·        Examples
Automated Storage Management (ASM)
·        Automated Storage Management Overview
·        Automated Storage Management Benefits
·        ASM Disk Group
·        ASM Disk
·        ASM Files
·        ASM Instance
New Oracle11g Table and Index Features
Creating a Sorted Hash Cluster
·        Benefits
·        Examples
Partitioning Improvement
·        Overview of Improvements in Partitioning
·        Global Partitioned Indexes - Hash Partitioning
·        Enhancements for Partitioned Index-Organized Tables
   - List Partitioning
   - LOB Support
   - Global Index Maintenance
·        Local Partitioned Indexes Manageability Improvements
·        Enhanced Partition Management in Enterprise Manager
Enhanced Bitmap Index Performance and Space Management


New Oracle11g DML Features: Insert, Update and Delete
Single-Set Aggregates in DML Returning Clause
Upsert through SQL Interrow Calculations
New Oracle11g SELECT features
SQLAccess Advisor
Materialized View Tuning API
Grouped Table Outer Join
Increased Number of Aggregates per Query
SQL Interrow Calculations
Remote Stored Functions in SELECT Statements
Native Net Over Fast Interconnects
Native Net Over TCP/IP
Case-Insensitive and Accent-Insensitive Query and Sort
Enhanced Collections
Enhanced CONNECT BY Support
Oracle Expression Filter
SQL Regular
Row Timestamp
Asynchronous Change Data
Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces
Enhanced Table Functions
External Tables Unload
Enhanced MERGE Functionality
New Oracle11g Initialization Parameters
Type of Initialization Parameters
Twenty New Parameters
New Oracle11g Management Features
Database Startup and Shutdown
·        Overview of enhancements
·        Database Automated Startup and Shutdown Configuration
Database Install
·        Simplified Database Install
Improvements in Auditing
·        Uniform Audit Trail
·        Extended SQL Support in FGA
Easier Database Registration
Unified User Model
New Oracle11g Network Features
Database Authentication with Standard LDAP Password Verifiers
Single Station Administration for Password Authentication to Oracle Database
SSL Session Renegotiation
Performance Improvements
4096-Bit Key Size Support
Oracle11g Backup and Recovery New Features
Extended Flashback Functions
·        Flashback Database
·        Flashback Standby Database
·        Flashback Re-instantiation
·        Flashback Drop
·        Flashback Table
·        Flashback Row History
·        Flashback Transaction History
RMAN Enhancements
·        Automated Channel Failover for Backup and Restore
·        Automated File Creation During Recovery
·        Simplified Backups to Disk
·        Simplified Recovery Manager Cataloging of Backup Files


Why learn Oracle on a cruise?

This is the best Oracle DBA training course anywhere, plus the learning environment is substantially enhanced by the "at sea" experience.  You will have nearly countless opportunities to interact with your expert instructors, who are also experienced Oracle gurus.

  We are limiting enrollees to ensure that every students get personalized attention.

For Oracle cruise details and booking information, send an e-mail to now.

Plus, you can bring your family, sharing your stateroom, combining your training with the ultimate family vacation. 

This is an unparalleled opportunity to learn Oracle DBA from working Oracle DBA experts.  We are only accepting a limited number of attendees, so call and reserve your spot now in this amazing Oracle DBA training. 


BC Oracle TechBlast at Sea 2009 Feedback

I’m sending this e-mail to really thank you for the amazing opportunity  to meet you, Janet, Robin, John, Steve and the BC group in person.

With this course I reached one of my dreams that was to learn from you and your team."

- Paulo Portugal – Brazil

BC Oracle TechBlast at Sea 2008 Feedback

John O:
Great transfer of knowledge. [Having the training] on a cruise ship is great for networking.

Pete M:
Great! Hit on several tuning tips that we can quickly implement.

Tom P:
Fantastic! I learned something new each session that [was] beneficial.

Kevan R:
[The BC crew] answered questions I needed to roll out a DW project.

Bill S:

“Great! Course venue wonderful, networking opportunities good, ship great!”





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