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Chapter 4 General Oracle Security

Oracle provides several roles that are built into the database. Some of them are DBA, RESOURCE, and CONNECT. Most DBAs use them to make their tasks easier and simpler, but each of them is a security nightmare.

Let's examine RESOURCE. This is generally given to schema owners. Did you know that it has UNLIMITED TABLESPACE system privilege, making it able to create any table anywhere in the database – including the SYSTEM tablespace? Obviously, this is not what you want. You would want to restrict the tablespaces to specific users only. 

Similarly the role CONNECT, by default, has the CREATE TABLE/SEQUENCE/SYNONYM and a few more options. The name CONNECT somehow conveys the impression of the ability to connect only, not anything else. As you can see, however, the ability is much more than that. Another privilege, ALTER SESSION system privilege, allows the grantee to issue sql_trace = TRUE in their session. This can have far reaching consequences. 

Therefore, it is not prudent to use built-in roles. Rather, identify the privileges users will need, put them in the appropriate roles which you have created, and use them to control authorization.

If possible, try not to use the Oracle built-in roles like RESOURCE and CONNECT. Create your own roles.

Object Masquerading

We briefly discussed this topic in the introduction. Although this is not used much, object masquerading

The above text is an excerpt from:

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