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Chapter 4 General Oracle Security

can be a very effective tool to discourage malicious users from getting what they want.

Think of an example – if a burglar breaks into your house to rob the family safe, would he or she look inside the laundry closet? Probably not. The thief will look for a box-like object that may appear similar to the thief’s image of the safe. If the safe was designed to look like, say, a dirty clothes hamper, with some actual dirty underwear on the top, the thief would probably never be able to guess that, and thus the safe will be indeed exactly that - safe. (Now everybody knows where the safe is in my house! However, I assure you, there is nothing of value inside, just a few stones my wife collects!)

A similar concept can be applied to database objects, too. A hacker will look for a table named credit_card or something similar. If the credit card numbers are stored in a table named process_data, the hacker will most likely ignore it. However, all the legitimate users will know exactly where to find the data. This technique not only applies to table names, but to column names as well, e.g. the credit card numbers are represented by a column name PROC_DATA_VALUE, or something similar.

This technique of hiding an object behind a meaningless name is adapted from the concept of camouflage in everyday life. Although it may be a little complex to use, in a small development group this can easily be implemented. The added advantage of this object masquerading as a form of security is that it protects against the prying eyes of internal employees who have

The above text is an excerpt from:

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The Final Word on Oracle Security


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