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Chapter 4 General Oracle Security

         status      = 'P'

The user JUDY calls the procedure in this way:

execute pay_claim ( 1, 1200)

In this case, JUDY does not own the stored procedure. The user CLAIM_SCHEMA owns it and it grants the execute privilege to JUDY. Judy does not have any privileges on the table claims, either. Therefore, the update claims statement would not be possible.

This does the same thing as the above piece of code. So, what else did we achieve here?

The table changes are protected from the applications.

Typically, the development group goes through a Rapid Prototype Development cycle where the columns are probably renamed or are enhanced. The column could be renamed from PAID_AMOUNT to PAID_AMT or CLAIM_PAID_AMOUNT - the applications do not need to know the change. Even the table name could be changed. The only change that is required is at one place, the procedure.

The business logic could be encapsulated.

What if the business decides to use complicated logic to validate the paid amount, or even make the actual paid amount based on some complex calculation? These changes can be easily handled through the procedure, with the changes being transparent to the users. In the example above, the status was automatically changed to 'P' by the program,

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