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Chapter 4 General Oracle Security

A table may contain the user IDs and passwords in the following manner.

USERID        VARCHAR2(10)

Selecting from this table:

select * from app_users;

We see:

---------- ------------------------------
APPUSER1   ╝♫sf☺

Note how the password has been encrypted. Encryption is discussed in Chapter 4, for now, assume the password is encrypted in some way. However, every encryption system needs some key to encrypt and decrypt, and this key is literally the path to discover the password. Therefore, the key must be protected at all costs. How do we achieve the task of authenticating these application users?

One option is for the application to issue a statement like:

select userpass from app_users where userid = 'APPUSER1';

Then decrypt the value, match it against the password supplied by the user, and allow the application to

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