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Chapter 4 General Oracle Security

Note the use of the function. It does not actually return the value of the user's password. Rather it returns YES if the password supplied by the user is correct and NO if it isn't. This is analogous to the challenge-response type of authentication, where the challenge is merely answered with a yes or no response. The application user never needs to know the decrypted value of the password.

Some user who is not normally involved in the process of the application owns this function. The authors recommend using a user id called SECUSER, who owns all the security related objects.  In this case, the user SECUSER owns this function and grants execute privileges to APPUSER1 and APPUSER2 (or more, if necessary).

When the application user APPUSER1 needs to authenticate himself or herself, he or she calls the function in the following manner

if (
    secuser.is_password_correct (
        'APPUSER1','app1') = 'YES'
) then
    -- user is authenticated
    -- user is not authenticated
end if;

The user never knows the value of the password string inside. All he or she knows is that the password is app1 and the function responds with a YES or NO answer. Even if the user APPUSER1 selects from the table

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

The Final Word on Oracle Security


This is the only authoritative book on Oracle Security, Oracle Privacy, and Oracle Auditing written by two of the world’s leading Oracle Security experts.

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 and has an immediate download of working security scripts:


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