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Chapter 6 Oracle Encryption

are not printable. Sometimes this can cause problems, such as in string assignments in some native languages. Also, when Oracle Globalization (a.k.a. National Language System - NLS) is used, the use of these special characters may pose some problems – especially while exporting and importing the data. Therefore, it is better to use the raw datatypes, since Oracle will handle the explicit conversion and these problems will not arise.

However, the use of raw datatypes poses another problem – the storage of these values in tables. Using RAW columns in tables is not the most convenient feature to use – and therefore database administrators and developers alike may eschew it.

To use the raw datatypes, there is another useful feature that can convert the raw data into hexadecimal format, which can be easily stored as a string.

The following code converts the value of the variable of raw datatype to a character format.

v_char_var := utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2(v_raw_var)

To convert a varchar2 value to raw, use the other function:

v_raw_var := utl_raw.cast_to_raw(v_char_var)

A raw value can be further converted into a hexadecimal value using the function RAWTOHEX, and a hexadecimal value can be converted into raw using the corresponding function, hextoraw.

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