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Chapter 6 Oracle Encryption

    v_key := rawtohex(v_key_raw);
    dbms_output.put_line('The key is '||v_key);

Let's analyze the code. The seed to be passed has to be in raw. So, we added the utl_raw.cast_to_raw to the seed value passed as a string. The seed must be at least 80 characters, so we add blank characters to the variable V_SEED to make it at least 80 characters.

The output comes back as:

The key is 4B547B479B25967365D3717112A52C954883F02416296F7A

This is a key we can use to encrypt all the data. Subsequent calls to the above code will produce different results, so the key value can be different each time.

If your database is 8i, then you don’t have the luxury of using this procedure/function. However, you can easily create your own as in the code example given below. This uses the dbms_random.random function to randomize a number from which the character string is constructed. From the random number obtained, we will take the 3 numbers from the third position and check if they exist within 33 and 125, the allowable numbers for ASCII printable characters. If they fall within that range, we will get the ASCII character for that number and append to the key string. The idea behind selecting from the middle of the number is simply to make sure that we

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