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Chapter 6 Oracle Encryption

    end loop;
    return v_key;

So, we now have a procedure to generate the key and encrypt the data, the two very important steps in building an encryption system. The next step is to build one.

Building an Encrypted System

In the example system, we will take the case of the table claim_line into account. Some of the information in the table is identified as PHI, and therefore may be a good candidate for encryption. One such field is procedure codes (procedure_code). This field holds the diagnosis of diseases or other diagnostic information done on the user, and is therefore extremely sensitive as per HIPAA regulations. Other fields in other tables may be Credit Card Numbers, Social Security Numbers, etc.

The usual approach is to generate a specific key for a specific value, and store that key in a separate place. To make it simple, we can use a single key for a single record of claim_line table, regardless of how many columns are to be encrypted.

Our key holding table will then have to hold the row identifier of the claim line table, and the key used to encrypt data in that row. The row identifier could be the primary key, or some other set of columns to uniquely identify a row. To make it more generic, we can have a single table to hold all the keys or all the tables, partitioned on the table_name column. For the sake of this example, assume there is one table to hold keys per

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