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Chapter 6 Oracle Encryption

the source table to be encrypted. That table, named claim_line_keys could be defined as

CLAIM_ID                   NUMBER
LINE_ID                    NUMBER
KEY_VALUE                  VARCHAR2(200)

There are two ways to handle the encryption in the table claim_line.

View Method

- The table could be renamed to claim_line_clear and a view named claim_line be created. The PROCEDURE_CODE column of the view could display the data in encrypted manner. No one should have access to the original table. All the applications, the users, etc. should refer to the view.

When the applications need to insert data into the table, there could be an INSTEAD OF trigger defined on the view that decrypts the data and stores the original value in the CLEAR table, which contains the data in the unencrypted manner.

Direct Encryption

- When the data is entered into the claim_line table, or the field PROCEDURE_CODE is updated, the changed data could be encrypted before putting it into the table, so that the field PROCEDURE_CODE contains encrypted values. In this manner the query to the table will always return an encrypted value. The user must decrypt this to get the actual value.

The inserts and updates can be handled in a slightly simpler manner, using triggers to update the value before the database value is written.

Either method is easy to accomplish and may prove better or worse depending on your specific situation. We

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