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Chapter 8 General Oracle Auditing

there is no need to catch the same action in the sys audits.

Case 4: User with SYSDBA Privilege Connecting Normally

The fourth case is also interesting. The user SYSDBA1 now connects normally and performs the same select query.

connect sysdba1/sysdba1
select * from

The query will fail since the user did not connect as SYSDBA and does not have any other privilege to perform the query. If you examine the audit destination, you will also find that there is no audit record for these actions. The reason is also simple to understand – the user connected normally, not as SYSDBA, and therefore the action was not audited. In the first case, the user did connect as SYSDBA, triggering the audit. The mere possession of the SYSDBA privilege does not trigger the sys auditing; hence the privilege must be used.

In Summary

  • Only the users who connected as SYSDBA, SYSOPER are audited.

  • A user who has the SYSDBA privilege, but connects normally, is not audited in this setup. For the auditing to be triggered, the user has to connect as SYSDBA.

  • The user SYS is audited. In Oracle 9i, the user SYS can connect only as SYSDBA; so there is no possibility of user SYS connecting normally.

The audit records go to the filesystem (in UNIX) or Event Log (in Windows), not to the database tables, even if the parameter audit_trail is set to DB. The

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Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

The Final Word on Oracle Security


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