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Chapter 8 General Oracle Auditing

location in UNIX is the filesystem specified by the initialization parameter audit_file_dest, which defaults to $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/audit.

  • This parameter is independent of the other audit parameter audit_trail. The SYSDBA auditing can be enabled or disabled regardless of whether regular auditing is set.

The Use of SYS Auditing

Since the SYS user is audited and the audit record goes into a filesystem area, not the database object like a table, the security is more pronounced. If this filesystem area is somehow protected so that the regular DBA user does not have read or write access to it, only the auditors or other security personnel have access. The information can be considered more secure than the regular database auditing, which can be tampered with by anyone with a DBA role. In Windows NT, the event log is generally not available to the regular user and therefore the trail is protected.

Since auditing SYS user actions must be accounted for, it is recommended that this auditing be enabled. The logs (in UNIX) and Event Log (in Windows) should be periodically archived to an offline medium and purged from the system.

Data Dictionary Views for Auditing

We have covered some data dictionary tables in line with the descriptions above. Some additional important tables have been described here.


 – This table contains the auditable action and its associated numeric code. This numeric Action# is referenced in the aud$ table. Table 8.4 has a listing of all auditable actions.

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

The Final Word on Oracle Security


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