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Chapter 8 General Oracle Auditing


– This data dictionary table lists all the options in auditing SQL statements. Table 8.2 has a listing of all options that are available.


 – So far we have talked about auditing on objects. Auditing can also be set on system privileges like ALTER SYSTEM. The system privilege statements that can be audited have been given in Table 8.2. This may seem similar to the table stmt_audit_option_map, but there is a very subtle but important difference. The table stmt_audit_option_map holds statements that can be audited, such as 'create procedure'. However, there is also a system privilege called 'create procedure'. When that is granted to a user, the audit action triggered is different and that is what is stored in the table system_privilege_map. These differences are explained elsewhere in this chapter.

Checking the Audit Trail

The raw audit trail is written in the table aud$, which may not be user-friendly. We briefly mentioned some of the views designed to facilitate the interpretation of the information contained in this table at the beginning of the chapter. Here we will discuss these in detail.


This view reports all the records of the table aud$ after interpreting the columns, i.e. decoding the codes to proper descriptions, such as decoding the action codes to the names of those actions. Here are the columns of this view in detail.




The operating system user who logged on.

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