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Chapter 8 General Oracle Auditing

The output comes back as:

----------- ------------ ---------- ----------- ----------
jdoe        CLAIM_SCHEMA cap1-pts/5 LOGON             1017

Here we see that the operating system user jdoe tried to login as CLAIM_SCHEMA from the terminal pts/5 on machine cap1. The return code was 1017, which is the Oracle error for "invalid username/password; logon denied". This proves that the user supplied a wrong password for CLAIM_SCHEMA. Does this smell of attempted break-in? It could. There could be a simple explanation – the user forgot the password of CLAIM_SCHEMA and at the second attempt provided the correct one. A series of repeated attempts, however, would arouse suspicion.

Another thing to note here is the OS user jdoe was doing this. Is jdoe authorized to connect to CLAIM_SCHEMA? If jdoe is a DBA, or an application owner, this may not arouse any suspicion, but if that user is really a claim analyst, he or she has no reason to connect to the CLAIM_SCHEMA user, and this event certainly needs more investigation.


This view contains information where the user entered statements that did not particularly access the data inside an object, e.g. ALTER SYSTEM, GRANT, REVOKE on objects, etc. Here is a complete list of the statements that are captured in this view:

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

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