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Chapter 2 Introducti

on to Oracle Security

they are defined, what their columns are, etc., the designers have more flexibility in the data architecture.

Auto Filtering

– Notice how the selection from the view automatically initiates the query and thus filters the records the user is not allowed to see. This filter is based on the table allowed_members, but the user selecting from the view does not even have to know the structure of the table or even its existence. This merely adds to the security.

Object Security

– Since the users are allowed SELECT access to the view, and not the tables themselves, security can be strictly controlled. The users are shown all the columns they need to be shown, but not all the columns. If the columns contain any PHI (patient health information), such as procedure codes or social security numbers, HIPAA specifically prohibits displaying that information to the users who do not need it. Ordinarily, this may demand the creation of separate tables for storage of non-PHI data that other users can access. Using a view, however, allows for control of displayed information.

For instance, take the example of the Procedure Codes that are tightly controlled, such as HIV, with procedure codes 00123, 00124, 00125 and 00126. All other procedure codes can be displayed. The view can be constructed like this:

create or replace view
   c.claim_id, claim_amount,

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

The Final Word on Oracle Security


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