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Chapter 2 Introducti

on to Oracle Security

Column Description

– Note how the column PROCEDURE_DESCRIPTION is used after the lengthy clause. When the user selects all the columns from the view, this is displayed as the column name.

Storage Savings

– A view is not actually stored with its data, unlike a table. It's nothing but a stored query. Therefore as many views as necessary can be created without consuming space.

There is another concept in Oracle called a Materialized View, also known as a Snapshot. This is not a conventional view because the data from the query is actually stored in the object, or the data from the execution of the query is materialized in the database, and hence the term, materialized view.

This takes care of reading data, but what about modifying it? Can we modify a view directly and ensure that only the authorized data is modified, not all the rows of the table? Yes, we can. The above view, known as one of the simple view types, can be inserted, updated, or deleted directly just like a table, and only the rows that would have been retrieved by the table are affected, not all rows. If the view is complex, and the definition of complex views varies based on context, it may not be directly manipulated. In that case, the view can be manipulated using a special type of trigger known as Instead of Triggers. These triggers are defined on the view, but instead of acting on that view, they can be directed to act on the underlying table.

Use of Views can hide specific details of the table row, especially the sensitive data such as Protected Health Information, without creating additional storage needs.

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