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Chapter 2 Introducti

on to Oracle Security

Let's ponder over a question here. Sue is driving a car owned by Mr. Smith, and he has given her permission to do so. Should she carry her own driver's license?

While we deliberate over the question, she zooms off to the drug store; but in her excitement, she races the car at 80 miles per hour! And within no time, there is a police officer right behind her with flashing lights.

When Sue gets the ticket for speeding, who do you think the ticket should go to - her or Mr. Smith? You might argue - why Mr. Smith? He was not driving, Sue was. Therefore, she should receive the ticket, and she did. What would have happened if she had told the officer that Mr. Smith owns the car, and he should be responsible for the speeding violation? The officer probably would have laughed.

This is an important concept to understand. Although Mr. Smith owns the means of delivery, and he gives Sue permission to operate the means of delivery, Sue carries out the operation and is responsible for actions like speeding. In a database application, a similar question also arises. Security procedures might dictate that all applications in the form of stored procedures and packages be owned by a secure user, and that execute permissions only be granted to the other users who might need them. However, the stored procedure should update the tables only when the application users have privileges to update them.

Perhaps an example will help illustrate the concept better. Take the example of the procedure update_claim_amount above, but assume it is owned by

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