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Chapter 3 Introducti

on to Oracle Auditing

What is Auditing

Continuing our story of John and Jeff visiting the museum, they find themselves in an interesting situation. The day after their visit, a newsflash shakes the town. The Koh-I-Noor diamond, worth several million dollars, was not found in its place, it has been stolen!

All parties concerned with security spring into action – the security department of the museum, the city police detectives, and even the investigators of the insurance company that insure the museum displays. The first thing they do is check the people who may have entered the room that housed the diamond. But there is a little problem - there is no record of the people who entered the room that day.   The only helpful information they can collect is that access to this area of the museum is restricted to museum employees.

Let's analyze the situation for a moment – the museum could not even ascertain who did enter the room, let alone who handled the diamond. The ability to check who actually handles objects, not just who has the authority, is provided by auditing. A good auditing system provides a process of recording the accesses to the objects in a storage system, forming an audit trail.

The museum here has a good security system, but not a good auditing system. A good auditing system should meet three very important goals – recording the access

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