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Chapter 3 Introducti

on to Oracle Auditing

of the usage by all users, legitimate or otherwise, protecting the integrity of the audit trail so that no unauthorized person can alter the contents, and using the audit trail to identify the usage later.

In Oracle, like any other database, the importance of auditing is even more pronounced. Databases have storage objects called tables, virtual storage objects such as views, program units such as stored procedures and triggers, etc. When someone accesses the tables, views or executes the stored programs, the fact can be recorded in the audit trail. The audit trail can be an operating system file or a table inside the database. A special and powerful user called SYS owns this table, therefore, regular users cannot manipulate the audit trail.

The museum case merely demonstrates the need to maintain a simple auditing procedure to resolve a rather open-and-shut case. Unfortunately, the lack of this procedure presents enormous obstacles to the investigators. On the issue of medical records privacy, the situation is even more fluid and prone to severe security lapses. HIPAA addresses this problem by mandating the audit requirements of these records and strictly enforcing the requirements by placing stiff penalties for non-compliance.

In Oracle, several types of auditing are available.

  • SQL audit command (for DMLs)

  • Auditing with object triggers (DML)

  • Auditing with system-level triggers (DML & DDL)

  • Auditing with LogMiner (DML & DDL)

  • Fine-grained auditing (select auditing)

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

The Final Word on Oracle Security


This is the only authoritative book on Oracle Security, Oracle Privacy, and Oracle Auditing written by two of the world’s leading Oracle Security experts.

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