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Chapter 10 Oracle Grants Auditing

--------- ------------------------------ -----------
GRANTEE                        PRIV_USED
------------------------------ ---------------------
25-AUG-03 ANANDA                         GRANT ROLE
NATHAN                         GRANT ANY ROLE

Note the important points here – the ACTION_NAME column shows GRANT ROLE, and the role name is shown in the column OBJ_NAME, as the value JUNIOR_CLAIM_VIEWER. Therefore, the column OBJ_NAME does not show only objects, but grants as well. This is an important fact to remember.

These audit trails clearly show when the privileges were granted or revoked, and by whom. Combining this information with the regular audits, we can identify another important requirement of HIPAA and other security regulations, namely whether the user had any possibility of accessing the data at any point in time. It will also capture any malicious activity in the past. For instance, the user APPUSER is not expected to update the table CLAIMS. However, due to an honest mistake or a deliberate act, the user was granted the privilege for a very short time, during which the user updated some key values, and then the privilege was revoked. A later analysis will reveal that the user does not have update privileges on CLAIMS, so there would be no questioning the possibility of such an act. Although the AUDIT record will show that the update occurred, the analysis

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

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