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Chapter 11 Oracle Fine Grained Auditing


So far, we have explored using AUDIT functionality to record the fact that a user accessed a certain table and performed a certain operation on it, e.g. selected from it or updated some records, etc. However, the other important aspect of the operation – what was updated or selected – has remained unrecorded. The AUDIT functionality cannot record the access at that granular level.

To some extent, the activities can be recorded in that granular detail using triggers on the tables and using Log Miner, as we saw in an earlier chapter. The Log Miner extracts the information about the changes from the archived log files, indicating the user and other information. This is an unobtrusive operation, i.e. it does not affect online transaction processing. The triggers can be placed on tables to record the changes. While they affect the online activity on the tables, they offer flexibility in recording the activities at the source, not after the fact, as in the case of Log Miner. This provides valuable flexibility, such as recording the old values before change and triggering alarms based on the changes audited.

However, both of these methods fail to address the auditing requirements when the data is selected, not changed. A mere selection without any change is not a transaction from Oracle’s point-of-view, and thus is not

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