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Chapter 10 Oracle Grants Auditing

captured by the redo log files, nor is it found in the archived log files. The Log Miner, then, cannot find them. Similarly, there is no triggering statement that gets triggered by the SELECT statement. Therefore, the trigger mechanism can’t be used for SELECTs capturing the action.

Until Oracle 9i, there was no method by which a SELECT statement could be audited granularly to show what the user selected. Oracle 9i introduced a new tool named Fine Grained Auditing (FGA) that is used to capture the details of the select only queries issued by users. The tool gives a new edge to the auditing tools available to the DBA to satisfy the requirements of a number of compliance bodies such as HIPAA. Under the HIPAA law, the data selected from the tables should also be audited – to record the tracks of who is accessing what information, particularly sensitive data such as Patient Health Information (PHI), among others. Oracle FGA addresses this issue.

In this chapter we will study the FGA in detail and see how the tool can be used to satisfy the requirements of HIPAA. After completing this chapter, you will be able to build the necessary infrastructure to achieve that objective using the scripts provided.

Fine Grained Auditing

The concept can be better explained by an example. Extending from the earlier examples, the same table CLAIMS is used. In that table, we will record the audit if anyone selects from the table. This can be done by issuing


The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

The Final Word on Oracle Security


This is the only authoritative book on Oracle Security, Oracle Privacy, and Oracle Auditing written by two of the world’s leading Oracle Security experts.

This indispensable book is only


 and has an immediate download of working security scripts:


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