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Chapter 11 Oracle Fine Grained Auditing

------- ----------- ----------- -------------------
JUDY    VW_CLAIMS   VW_CLAIM     08/17/2003 23:24:13
select * from claim_schema.vw_claims

Note the use of the view name in the OBJECT_NAME column, instead of the base table name. In addition, there is no other record for the selection from the base table.

If a policy is defined on a base table, the FGA record will be generated even if the table is selected indirectly, such as where a view based on that table is queried. If the policy is specifically defined on the view, then the audit record is generated if the view is queried, not the table. When a table is queried by Oracle indirectly, such as in enforcing a Foreign Key constraint, the FGA auditing is not enabled.


The FGA can work only in Cost Based Optimizer. This means the optimizer_mode and optimizer_goal in both session and system (where appropriate) levels should not be set to RULE. Also, the tables should be properly analyzed, with at least estimated statistics. Additionally, the statement should not have the RULE hint in it.

The FGA will appear to work under the Rule Based Optimizer (RBO), but the results will be inaccurate with a large number of false positives. Do not use FGA under RBO.

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