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Chapter 11 Oracle Fine Grained Auditing

The dbms_fga Package

The central mechanism for the FGA is implemented in the package dbms_fga, where all the APIs are defined. Typically, a user other than SYS is given the responsibility of maintaining these policies. With the convention followed earlier, we will go with the user SECUSER, who is entrusted with much of the security features championed in this book. The following statement grants the user SECUSER enough authority to create and maintain the auditing facility.

grant execute on dbms_fga to secuser

The biggest problem with this package is that the polices are not like regular objects with owners. While a user with execute permission on this package can create policies, he or she can drop policies created by another user, too. This makes it extremely important to secure this package and limit the use to only a few users who are called to define the policies, such as SECUSER, a special user used in examples throughout this book.

Now, let’s explore the procedures in the package in detail.


We saw earlier how to add a policy to a table or view, but only three parameters of the procedure were used. There are several other very important parameters, as described below.

Audit Condition

HIPAA requirements generally call for specific auditing, not a broad record-everything policy. For instance, you may want to audit only when someone selects claims for

The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Privacy Security Auditing

The Final Word on Oracle Security


This is the only authoritative book on Oracle Security, Oracle Privacy, and Oracle Auditing written by two of the world’s leading Oracle Security experts.

This indispensable book is only


 and has an immediate download of working security scripts:


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