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Chapter 11 Oracle Fine Grained Auditing

If a user queries the table, and the policy condition as well as the columns are satisfied, by default, the action is written into the table fga_log$ owned by SYS. However, it is not mandatory that the records be written into this table alone. In some cases, as we will see, it may be desirable to have a separate table to record the audit functionality.

Why a User Defined Audit Table


– The file grained audit functionality, just like the regular audit, also needs sophisticated archival and purge setups, where the trails can be preserved for analysis later. The best method to achieve this is using a partitioned table for the audit trails. When the time comes to purge, the partition can be simply dropped. If it needs to be preserved, the partition can be converted to a table, and the table can be archived via export or via transportable tablespace. Since partitioning the table fga_log$ is not supported, the next best option is to create a user defined audit table and record there manually.

Extended Functionality

– The audit handler can do a lot of things in addition to storing the audit record, such as send an e-mail when a certain audit event occurs, e.g. when someone selects from the highly sensitive procedure codes outside business hours. This functionality may seem a little extreme, but in situations where an immediate action is required based on some auditing event, the functionality can be implemented using the handler function.

Creating a user Defined Auditing System

First we will create a table to hold the audit records.

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