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Chapter 3 Introducti

on to Oracle Auditing

types of triggers with scripts, which can be re-used in a real production environment.

Another way to capture the changes made to the database is from a tool called Log Miner. Any change in the Oracle database is written to a special type of file called a redo log. When a redo log file is filled up, it is stored as another type of file called an archived log file. These files are necessary when the database suffers a failure and the DBA needs to restore the data files up to the point of failure during a recovery.

Log Miner can go through these log files and capture the changes that occurred, along with the user ID, the timestamp, and a host of other information. This tool is more accurate in Oracle 9i than in Oracle 8i, nevertheless, it can offer valuable clues to data changes.

Log Miner auditing is explained in detail, along with scripts, in Chapter 9.

Use triggers to audit changes to sensitive data. These changes can also be recoded via Log Miner.

DDL Auditing

Oracle has two types of SQL statements. The statements that access data in any way, such as SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, and UPDATE etc. belong to a part of the SQL language known as Data Manipulation Language (DML). Developers and users accessing the data primarily use this. The other type of statements that define the database and its objects are known as Data Definition Language (DDL). The DDLs are used to create tables, views, procedures, etc. They are also used

The above text is an excerpt from:

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