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Chapter 3 Introducti

on to Oracle Auditing

to modify the structure of such objects, e.g. changing the length of a column from 12 digits to 15.

Under HIPAA regulations, any alteration to the structure of the data containers, such as tables and views, should be strictly audited. Therefore, you have to audit these changes and preserve them for future reference. Typically, these audit trails are examined to identify causes of errors or data corruption. For instance, a decrease in length of a number field may not raise an error, indeed, the number may be stored after truncating the first or last few digits. This corruption is not detectable immediately but it may surface later, and an audit trail can come in handy during times of troubleshooting.

The easiest way to achieve this is through the use of some type of version control system software like RCS or SCCS. If the organization has a policy of placing everything in the version control system, the changes made are automatically recorded. But what happens when someone makes an emergency change without using the proper procedure? The setup fails. This is a classic case of a system where the integrity can be guaranteed only when everyone follows the rules and no one bypasses them. However, in real life this cannot be guaranteed, and the dependability of the version control system becomes questionable.

To establish a foolproof system to audit these DDL Changes, the best option is to use triggers on these objects to capture changes. An example of such a DDL trigger is given below.

The above text is an excerpt from:

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