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  Apex (HTML-DB) Training Course


Maximize your learning with custom Oracle training, at your site by expert instructors.

Oracle Apex Training Course

Rapid Applications with Apex (HTML-DB)


This course is a 5 day course taught at your Company site with


$15k for up to 20 students. 


Recommended Reading:

Easy Oracle Apex

Kent Crotty & Michael Cunningham

ISBN: 0-9761573-1-4 


Oracle Apex Clas Description:


This is an intensive hands-on course designed to rapidly learn to develop Oracle systems with Apex.  The course features working examples of complex Apex database access and techniques for creating easy Apex applications.




The student should have a basic understanding of Oracle database administration and application development with PL/SQL.  This Apex course also assumes a basic knowledge of DBA structures including tables, indexes and constraints.


Curriculum development:


This course was developed by Kent Crotty, a noted HTML-DB author and DBA working with Oracle for over 15 years. Crotty is an Oracle Certified DBA and a graduate of the University of Maryland. He is an IT professional with over 15 years in a variety of roles ranging from Programmer/Analyst (developer) to Systems and Database Administrator. Kent is instrumental in developing complex Oracle systems architectures and specializes on web-based Oracle applications.


Learning Objectives


By the end of this course the student will be able to create and deploy HTML-DB applications.  They will see ready-to-use examples for creating HTML-DB applications, learn step-by-step examples of HTML-DB data access and document formatting, create dynamic web content with HTML-DB, understand how to update data with HTML-DB, learn best practices to improve productivity, performance, and security, customize an application with Themes and CSS, and how to package HTML-DB application for easy deployment.


Syllabus Topics:


1.       Installing Apex

2.       Creating a workspace

3.       Apex Data Workshop

4.       Apex SQL Workshop

5.       SQL Command Processor

6.       Apex Application Builder

7.       Creating Web Pages with HTML DB

8.       Using List of Values (LOVs)

9.       Calendars

10.     Apex Navigation – NavBar, Tabs, Menus, buttons, trees

11.     Customizing Apex regions, themes and templates

12.     Application Deployment with Oracle Apex

13.     Loading pictures and images

14.     Deploying your app to a production

15.     Using Application Builder Utilities to Deploy Your App

16.     Export/Import

17.     CSS and Image Files

18.     The Export Repository

19.     Administration & Service Administration

20.     Manage Engine Settings

21.     Workspace Provisioning


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