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Maximize your learning with custom Oracle training, at your site by expert instructors.

Oracle Performance Tuning


Duration: 5 Days


Cost: $15k for up to 20 students




Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference
Donald K. Burleson
ISBN: 0-9744486-2-1    




This intensive Oracle tuning training course is designed to provide an in-depth overview of Oracle internal structures and show how to tune Oracle’s internal structures for maximum high performance.  This is not your run-of-the-mill Oracle tuning course.  Unlike the boilerplate Oracle tuning courses that deliver obsolete and low-impact tuning techniques, this course shows real-world techniques that can cut overall response time by more than 50%. 


While the course is topical in nature, the course emphasizes the central theme of database monitoring and the proper use of alert mechanisms.  The course shows the attendees how to use the Oracle STATSPACK utility to monitor virtually every aspect of their Oracle database.


Who should attend?


This is an indispensable class for any Oracle DBA or developer who needs to understand how to optimizer Oracle performance.




This course is designed for the working Oracle professional and the amount of previous experience with Oracle is incidental.  Previous experience with relational database management and SQL is helpful, but this class is self-contained and has no formal prerequisites.


Curriculum Development:


This course was designed by Donald K. Burleson, an acknowledged leader in Oracle database administration.  Author of more than 30 database books, Burleson was chosen by Oracle Press to write five authorized editions, including Oracle High-Performance SQL tuning.  Burleson Consulting instructors offer decades of real world DBA experience in Oracle features, and they will share their secrets in this intense hands-on Oracle tuning training.


Syllabus Topics:



1.       Introduction to Oracle Tuning

2.       Tuning the Oracle instance and objects

3.       Oracle Instance Tuning

4.       Redo Logs

5.       Undo management

6.       Data Buffer Management

7.       Shared pool issues

8.       Sorting issues

9.       Default SQL optimizer mode

10.     Miscellaneous Initialization parameters

11.     Concurrency Management

12.     Oracle object tuning

13.     Oracle index internals

14.     Oracle replication

15.     Oracle segment internals

16.     Object access patterns

17.     Tuning Oracle Data access

18.     Cost-based vs. Rule-based optimization

19.     Tuning with indexes

20.     Tuning sub-queries

21.     Tuning with hints

22.     Tuning with Parallel query

23.     Tuning the external environment

24.     vmstat utility

25.     iostat utility 

26.     Advanced Oracle Tuning Concepts


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Oracle performance tuning software
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