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Oracle9i New Features
© 2003 by Donald K. Burleson

 This course is taught at your

Company site with up to 20 students. 


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Curriculum Design

This Oracle9i new features training course was designed by Donald K. Burleson, an acknowledge leader in Oracle9i new features classes.  Author or more than 20 database books, Burleson has over a decade of DBA experience in this Oracle new features courses.  Burleson shares his Oracle9i new features secrets in this intense hands-on Oracle9i new features class.



Oracle9i new features training course covers:

  • Oracle9i CASE statement
  • Oracle9i Explicit defaults
  • Oracle9i Flashback query
  • Oracle9i Left and right outer joins
  • Oracle9i Scalar subqueries
  • Oracle9i Explicit column value defaults
  • Oracle9i External tables
  • Oracle9i Logminer
  • Oracle9i managed files (OMF)
  • Oracle9i New date time BIFs
  • Oracle9i online reorg
  • Oracle9i RMAN new features
  • Oracle9i Common SQL parser
  • Oracle9i Compiled PL/SQL
  • Oracle9i cookie support
  • Oracle9i Data Guard
  • Oracle9i Fast-start recovery
  • Oracle9i Multiple blocksizes
  • Oracle9i New PL/SQL datatypes
  • Oracle9i PL/SQL Inheritance support
  • Oracle9i first_rows_n optimization
  • Oracle9i Index skip scan
  • Oracle9i Index-only scans on FBIs
  • Oracle9i SGA memory management
  • Oracle9i cursor sharing with peeking
  • Oracle9i spfiles
  • Oracle9i new execution plan columns
  • Oracle9i new statistics gathering
  • Oracle9i Automated undo management
  • Oracle9i in-memory execution plans in v$sql_plan
  • Oracle9i Resumable space management
  • Oracle9i RAC – Real Application Clusters
  • Oracle9i Cache fusion architecture
  • Oracle9i Database flash freeze
  • Oracle9i Fine-grained auditing
  • Oracle9i list partitioning
  • Oracle9i Merge statements - Upserts
  • Oracle9i Multi-table inserts
  • Oracle9i Parallel direct load changes
  • Oracle9i Virtual private databases
  • Oracle9i TAF with RAC
  • Oracle9i pga_aggregate_target





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