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Oracle Disk I/O Tuning

Chapter 5:

Viewing Information about ASM

SQL> create tablespace  ASM_TBS1 DATAFILE '+TEST_DG' size 200M ;
Tablespace created.
SQL> select BYTES, NAME,  TS# from v$datafile ;
     BYTES   NAME                                                  TS#
----------   ------------------------------------------------  ------
 471859200  /u01/NYREP10//datafile/o1_mf_system_02lswyso_.dbf      0
  36700160  /u01/NYREP10/datafile/o1_mf_undotbs1_02lswz0t_.dbf     1
 367001600  /u01/NYREP10/datafile/o1_mf_sysaux_02lswywy_.dbf       2
  20971520  /u01/NYREP10/datafile/o1_mf_users_02lswz3t_.dbf        4
 157286400  /u01/NYREP10/datafile/o1_mf_example_02lszorq_.dbf      6
 209715200  +TEST_DG/nyrep10/datafile/asm_tbs1.256.1               7
6 rows selected.
col GROUP_NUMBER heading GRP# format 99
col DISK_NUMBER heading Disk# format 999
col MOUNT_STATUS heading "Mount|Status" format A8

     TOTAL_MB, FREE_MB, NAME, path  from  v$asm_disk ;
GRP# Disk# Status  STATE   TOTAL_MB FREE_MB NAME          PATH
---- ----- ------- -------- ------- -----  ------------- -----------
   1     1 CACHED  NORMAL   4000     3878  TEST_DG_0001 /dev/raw/raw2
   1     0 CACHED  NORMAL   4000     3869  TEST_DG_0000 /dev/raw/raw1

As you see above illustration, the ASM file is created out of two ASM disks.

Note in case of Linux Platform, use the Oracle provided ASMLibrary (Install ASM Libraries which are available in the form of RPM/s) – Details of the installation is explained in later part of this chapter


The above text is an excerpt from:

Oracle Disk I/O Tuning
Disk IO Performance & Optimization for Oracle Databases



by Mike Ault

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