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Oracle10g Grid Computing with RAC
Chapter 3 - High Performance and Highly Available
Database Clusters

Resource Groups

From a cluster standpoint, there are two significant aspects to this view of an application resource group as a collection of resources:

  1. If a Resource group is to run on a particular server, all of the   resources it requires must be available to the server.

  2. The resources comprising a resource group have interdependencies; that is, some resources (e.g., volumes) must be operational before other resources (e.g., the file system) can be made operational.

The Concept of a Virtual Server

The concept of a virtual server is a very significant feature in a failover cluster that allows smooth and seemless connectivity to clustered computing resources or services by client applications.

To users and clients, connecting to a database or service running as a clustered virtual server appears to be the same as connecting to a single, physical server. In fact, any node in the cluster, but usually the primary or surviving node, can host the connection to a virtual server. The user or client application will not know which node is actually hosting the virtual server. As shown in the Fig. 3.8, the Virtual Server is an addressing mechanism for the client connections.

Figure 3.8 Cluster Access by using Virtual Server

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