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Oracle10g Grid Computing with RAC
Chapter 3 - High Performance and Highly Available
Database Clusters

Failover Cluster Architecture

The Active/Passive architecture is the most widely used. Unfortunately, this option is usually capital intensive and an expensive option. For simplicity and manageability reasons many administrators prefer to implement this way. Active/Active looks attractive and is a more cost-benefit solution as the backup server is put to use. However, it can result in performance problems when both the database services (or applications) failover to single node. As the surviving node picks up the load from the failed node, performance issues may arise.

Oracle Database Service in HA Cluster

The Oracle database is a widely used database system. Large numbers of critical applications and business operations depend on the availability of the database. Most of the cluster products provide agents to support database fail over processes.

The implementation of Oracle Database service with fail over in a HA cluster has the following general features.

  1. A single instance of Oracle runs on one of the nodes in the cluster. The Oracle instance and listener has dependencies on other resources such as file systems, mount points and IP address. etc.

  2. It has exclusive access to the set of database disk groups on a storage array that is shared among the nodes.

  3. Optionally, an Active / Active architecture of oracle databases can be established. One node (Node1) acts as the primary node to an Oracle instance (db1) and another node acts as a secondary node (Node2) for fail over purpose. At the same time, the secondary node (node2) acts as primary for another instance (db2) and the primary node act as the backup/secondary node.

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Oracle Consulting Services

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