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Oracle10g Grid Computing with RAC
Chapter 3 - High Performance and Highly Available
Database Clusters

Other Architectures

Single Server

Federated Server

There is one instance of SQL Server on the production server.

There is one instance of SQL Server on each member server.

The production data is stored in one database

Each member server has a member database. The data is spread through the member databases.

Each table is typically a single entity

The tables from the original database are horizontally partitioned into member tables. There is one member table per member database, and distributed partitioned views are used

All connections are made to the single server, and all SQL statements are processed by the same instance of SQL Server.

The application layer must be able to collocate SQL statements on the member server containing most of the data referenced by the statement

  Table 3.3

IBM Offered Parallel Database Systems

IBM offers DB2 databases both for a shared-nothing (for Unix, Linux, and Windows) and a shared-disk (on the mainframe only) approach. At a very high level view, architecture of IBM Parallel Sysplex and Oracle RAC look very much similar. However, they differ heavily in their implementation methodology. Both of these products follow the Shared Architecture. Oracle implementation provides an open system approach and it is possible to implement it by utilizing commodity-style components. Parallel Sysplex implantation depends on the special hardware components provided by IBM. Again looking at the UNIX based UDB EEE parallel database, it is more of a Partitioned Database than Parallel Database It is parallel to the extent you don’t care where you query or access. However, the processing is done by function shipping method when a query needs to access data attached to another node.

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