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Oracle10g Grid Computing with RAC
Chapter 3 - High Performance and Highly Available
Database Clusters

IBM Parallel SysPlex Architecture

The Coupling facility is a microprocessor unit. High bandwidth fiber optic links, called channels, provides connectivity between CF and nodes/systems. DB2 uses the coupling facility to provide for inter-node communications. The coupling facility ensures data availability while maintaining data integrity across the connected DB2 subsystems. Coupling facility provides core services such as data locking, data consistency and buffering.

The coupling facility uses three structures to synchronize the activities of the data-sharing group members:

  • Cache structure - Supplies a mechanism called buffer invalidation to ensure consistency of cached data. The cache structure can also be used as a high-speed buffer for storing shared data with common read/write access.

  • List structure - Enables authorized applications to share data that is organized in a set of lists, for implementing function such as shared work queues and shared status information.

  • Lock structure - Supplies shared and exclusive locking capability for serialization of shared resources down to a very small unit of data.

Thus, the Coupling Facility manages all locking, contention and concurrency issues. It does liaison with local buffers of the nodes. It is the heart of data sharing system.

While it provides a high performance parallel cluster for database support, it comes with very high price.  Moreover, this system is a proprietary solution requiring higher costs in terms of administration and manageability.

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