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Oracle10g Grid Computing with RAC
Chapter 3 - High Performance and Highly Available
Database Clusters

Arbitration through Quorum Disks

In case of SCSI-2 reservation, the Clusterware seeks to reserve a quorum disk to break the tie in cases of split cluster. A quorum disk is a nominated device in the shared storage connected to the relevant nodes. The reservation is enacted as a SCSI-2 ioctl. The node that is granted the reservation causes the second attempt to fail. The SCSI-2 reservation ioctl used is part of the SCSI-2 command set. This is commonly implemented in most modern disk firmware. However, the reservation call is neither persistent (i.e., capable of surviving reboots) nor able to cope with multiple paths to the same device.

A quorum disk must be defined for a two-node cluster. This arrangement enables any single node that obtains the vote of the quorum disk to maintain majority and continue as a viable cluster. Clusterware forces the loosing node out of the cluster.

Fabric Fencing

Polyserve Matrix Server (Cluster File System), which is widely used on Linux clusters, implements node exclusion strategy by following Fabric-Fencing approach. The Polyserve matrix server includes a Storage Control Layer that uses SAN access control mechanism to arbitrate which servers have access to which storage resources. This is achieved by turning off the Fibre-Channel ports to which the offending node is attached.

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