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Oracle10g Grid Computing with RAC
Chapter 3 - High Performance and Highly Available
Database Clusters

Exclusion with STOMITH approach

However, there are certain issues with method:

  • Potential data integrity issues on account of forceful shutdown of node.

  • Nodes can shoot each other and shutdown entire cluster.

  • Cannot access shot server to diagnose issues.

In another example, Sistina GFS supports multiple, cascading I/O fencing methods including manual, network power control, and fibre channel switch zone control.

Cache Coherency and Lock Management

One of the most critical features for a parallel database is its ability to control global concurrency of the data (pages or blocks) located in the individual node’s cache. As each of the nodes has its own local cache that has current data blocks, their status and access need to be controlled globally. Other node’s cache might need to access concurrently.  Blocks are moved frequently across the nodes when needed. In addition, there should be effective and accurate monitoring of the status of the blocks in cache. Lock acquisition, lock release and lock conversions should be performed at rapid speeds. Low latency and High-speed communication between the nodes is an essential requirement.

Since a data block can be present in the database buffers of more than one node, when an update occurs all other buffered copies become obsolete. Global cache control mechanism invalidates the obsolete data blocks. Another important feature is the way in which the reconfiguration of cache occurs when a node fails. To maintain integrity of data blocks, failed instance’s resources need to be taken over or re-mastered by another node’s instance.

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