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The Wise Approach to Oracle Training


Today’s Oracle professionals demand professional training and all of our Oracle courses are taught by Oracle experts with extensive database experience and BC instructors wrote the book on Oracle training. 


Our instructors have authored more than 50 bestselling Oracle books and they have dedicated their professional careers to becoming experts in Oracle technology. 


Optimize your time and training dollars


With BC personal hands-on training and optional follow-up mentoring you maximize your training investment.  Traditional Oracle training has been a one-size-fits-all approach with mind-numbing slideshows has been displaced by a smarter approach.  Savvy students want to know how the content applies to their environment, and BC has real-world Oracle experts, ready and willing to share their vast experience with your students.  Whether it’s just one-on-one mentor training or a class of 20 students, customized Oracle training is the best value for your training dollar.


BC has the most stringent requirements in the industry and we are proud of our instructors including Donald K. Burleson, Mike Ault, John Garmany, Kent Crotty and Robert Freeman, all well-known Oracle authors and experts.


The Curriculum Makes the Class


BC Oracle Training has been developing database training courses for 23 years and is a trusted training source for some of the world's largest corporations including Sony, Lockheed Martin and many Fortune 50 companies. 

Because our curriculum designers are working Oracle consultants they know the proper topics and features that will be of the most benefit.  Our course designers are seasoned Oracle professionals with many years of on-the-job experience and they focus on a hands-on, pragmatic learning experience.

BC Oracle Class list


Oracle10g New Features Training Course

Oracle RAC Training Course

Oracle Performance Tuning Training Course

Apex (HTML-DB) Training Course

Oracle SQL and PL/SQL Training Course




This is an excerpt from my latest book "Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference". 

You can buy it direct from the publisher for 50%-off and get instant access to the code depot of Oracle tuning scripts:




Oracle performance tuning book



Oracle performance tuning software

Oracle performance tuning software
Oracle performance Tuning 10g reference poster
Oracle training in Linux commands
Oracle training Excel
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