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Network Administrator

Troubleshooting Questions

The most important skill a network administrator must possess is the ability to troubleshoot problems. A good troubleshooter not only understands the technologies involved in the problem, but also has the ability to think logically and to break down a problem into smaller parts, establishing control variables that can be easily tested. The answer given for the first question in this section will tell you a lot about your network administrator candidate.

A user contacts you and tells you that she cannot access any web sites. All you know about the network setup is that the workstations are TCP/IP hosts on a switched Ethernet network, and they connect to the internet through a DSL line. What are the steps you take to diagnose the problem?

This is the most important question you will ask the candidate. The most important skill a possesses is the ability to diagnose and logically dissect a problem. There are many different ways to solve this problem, but in this case you're looking for how the candidate answers the question as opposed to what their answer is. A skilled will break the problem down, eventually isolating the issue through deductive reasoning and process of elimination. The ordering of the process is important as well. When troubleshooting a networking issue, you must always begin at the lowest level and work your way up.

Skill level: Low – High

Expected Answer:  For the answer to this and other Network Administrator job interview questions visit the code depot for the book





The above text is an excerpt from:

Conducting the Network Administrator

Job Interview

ISBN 0-9744355-7-0

by Adam Haeder

Oracle Consulting Services

Burleson Oracle Consulting offers Senior Oracle consultants which are available for all areas of Oracle support.  Common Oracle consulting support activities include short-term Oracle tuning, Oracle database troubleshooting, Oracle9i and Oracle10g migration, Oracle9iAS App Server consulting, Oracle design reviews and Oracle requirements evaluation support. Oracle support and Oracle consulting services are priced by the hour, so you only pay for what you need. These one-time Oracle consulting services commonly include:

  • Answering questions from your Oracle DBA technical staff

  • Repairing down production Oracle database systems

  • One-time Oracle tuning evaluation

  • Guru support for your Oracle DBA

  • Installation of Oracle application packages

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