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Distributing standard Oracle files to all Servers

In a large environment, the Oracle DBA must routinely distribute common files to all Oracle servers.  These common files include:

  • tnsnames.ora

  • sqlnet.ora

  • .profile for the Oracle UNIX user

This distribution can be a huge task for large Oracle shops with hundreds of Oracle servers. In UNIX, this is a super useful script that I use to distribute common files to all servers.  Note that this script requires the .rhosts setup to allow the UNIX rcp and rsh commands. 


echo 'starting distribution of tnanames.ora'

# Note: dbnames file is in the form HOST DATABASE
for host in `cat dbnames|awk '{ print $2 }'`
   db=`cat dbnames|awk '{ print $1 }'`
   echo       starting distr to $host
   rcp -p tnsnames.ora $host:/etc/tnsnames.ora
   rsh $host ls –al /etc/tnsnames.ora

Note that this script uses a driving file called dbnames that contains a list of hostname and database name pairs.  Here is a sample of this file.

dioneges mysid1
dioneges prod9i
dioneges testm1
praetor    test9i
praetor    testapps

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