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Getting a PMON process dump from Oracle


Oracle has delivered a hidden tool within server manager (SQL*Plus in Oracle8 and beyond), that allows you to view specific internal Oracle structures.


The following procedure provides a process dump for the Oracle database and shows all statistics for the PMON background process..


1 – We start by issuing the oradebug setorapid command to process 2.  Process number 2 is the Oracle process monitor (PMON)



SVRMGR> oradebug setorapid 2

Unix process pid: 25159, image: ora_pmon_test


2 – Next we issue the procstat command to generate the statistics


SVRMGR> oradebug procstat

Statement processed.


3 – Now we can use the TRACEFILE_NAME command to see the location of our trace file





Below is the listing from this procedure.  As you can see, this provides detailed information regarding important PMON activities.


SQL> !cat /u01/app/oracle/admin/prodc1/bdump/prodc1_pmon_25159.trc

Dump file /u01/app/oracle/admin/prodc1/bdump/prodc1_pmon_25159.trc

Oracle8i Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

With the Partitioning option

JServer Release - 64bit Production

ORACLE_HOME = /u01/app/oracle/product/8.1.6_64

System name:    SunOS

Node name:      burleson-01

Release:        5.8

Version:        Generic_108528-03

Machine:        sun4u

Instance name: prodc1

Redo thread mounted by this instance: 1

Oracle process number: 2

Unix process pid: 25159, image: oracle@burleson-01 (PMON)


*** 2001-07-04 12:13:25.042

*** SESSION ID:(1.1) 2001-07-04 12:13:24.979

----- Dump of Process Statistics -----

User level CPU time = 121

System call CPU time = 47

Other system trap CPU time = 0

Text page fault sleep time = 0

Data page fault sleep time = 0

Kernel page fault sleep time = 0

User lock wait sleep time = 0

All other sleep time = 562367527

Wait-cpu (latency) time = 0

Minor page faults = 0

Major page faults = 346

Swaps = 0

Input blocks = 251

Output blocks = 0

Messages sent = 0

Messages received = 0

Signals received = 1827660

Voluntary context switches = 1828280

Involuntary context switches = 58531459

System calls = 141934171

Chars read and written = 28650

Process heap size = 1425416

Process stack size = 565248





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