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Show currently executing SQL


Whenever your database is experiencing a performance problem, it is very useful to have a script that displays all of the currently executing SQL statements. The following script joins the v$sql and v$session tables to show you all of the SQL that is executing at that moment in your database.


set pagesize  24
set newpage    1
set linesize 125
column sql_text  format a100
column user_name format a12
   substr(u.username,1,12) user_name,
   v$sql s,
   v$session u
   s.hash_value = u.sql_hash_value
   sql_text not like '%from v$sql s, v$session u%'
order by


Here is the output from this script.  As we see, this is extremely useful because a runaway SQL statement could cause degradation of your whole system.  If you identify a runaway query, you can issue the ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION 'SID, SER#'; command to kill the query:



SQL> @cur_sql


         5              select f.file#, f.block#, f.ts#, f.length from fet$ f, ts$ t where t.ts#=f.ts# and t.dflextpct!=0 an

                        d t.bitmapped=0


         6              select local_tran_id, global_tran_fmt, global_oracle_id, global_foreign_id,        state, status, he

                        uristic_dflt,        session_vector, reco_vector, 3600*24*(sysdate-reco_time),        3600*24*(sysda

                        te-nvl(heuristic_time,fail_time)), global_commit#, type#   from pending_trans$  where session_vector

                         != '00000000'


         7              BEGIN sys.dbms_ijob.remove(:job); END;

         9 READER       SELECT TO_CHAR(page_unique_id),        page_seq_nbr,        book_unique_id,        visual_page_nbr,

                               page_text FROM page WHERE  page_unique_id = TO_NUMBER('2380')


        14 READER       SELECT TO_CHAR(page_unique_id),        page_seq_nbr,        book_unique_id,        visual_page_nbr,

                               page_text FROM page WHERE  page_unique_id = TO_NUMBER('9975')






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