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BC offers on-demand Oracle training for individual users, a sure-fire way to get up to speeds on a variety of Oracle technical topics.  BC on-demand online training experiences allow you to ask your instructors questions, using a special forum reserved only for our students.


BC Oracle online training is special for several reasons:

  • We pre-screen you for success - Oracle is the world's most flexible, robust and complex database and it is not for beginners, dilettantes and those without an extensive IT background.  All students must certify that they are working IT professionals or that they have the equivalent of a four year degree in Information Systems or Computer science.

  • Oracle certification training - The BC experts offer training to assist students achieve their OCA, OCP and OCM credentials. 
  • Get expert career advice - BC wrote the book on Oracle job interview tips, and BC offers a special training course geared to telling you how to break-in to a lucrative career as an Oracle professional. 

  •  Advanced topics - BC Oracle courses online are all one-hour addressing advanced topics that nobody else offers!
  • Expert consultant trainers - Unlike other Oracle training courses online, all BC Oracle training is conducted by experienced Oracle experts, full-time professionals with extensive credentials.

  • You only purchase the training that you need - You purchase special single-use keys for each one hour lesson.  As you take your training, you expire your license keys, ensuring that you get the training at your convenience, not ours!

  •  Follow-up questions - For each one hour lesson you get the right to ask to ask your instructor up to five questions.  A special forum exists for each course, a special forum reserved for students. 
  • Affordable training - Our online Oracle training keys are available for only $99 for each one hour lesson.

  • Stellar class notes - BC training notes are so good that they are printed as real books.  We use published books, not electronic notes for our online training, a real reference book that you will be proud to own.

In sum, BC Oracle training online can give you the expertise that you need in order to keep current with the constantly changing Oracle technology.


Your trusted experts in Oracle training

BC uses some of the world's best Oracle experts for our online training, names that you know and trust.  We have trained thousands of Oracle professionals across the globe, and we use some of the industries to experts to facilitate your learning.


Oracle professionals know that inexperienced trainers are not a bargain, and that experience is critical to success.  All BC Oracle instructors have extensive real-world experience and they can supplement your Oracle training with expert advice that only a seasoned professional can provide. 



Why choose BC for online Oracle training?

BC does the best online Oracle training because we have the experience and qualifications, a proven track record of experience in maximizing your learning experiences!  Collectively BC experts have written more than 50 books in Oracle technology, and our instructors are dedicated professionals

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Oracle Author

Steve Karam
OCM, Oracle ACE

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