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Elite provides world-class Oracle tuning training courses and Oracle tuning classes.

Why settle for an ordinary instructor?  Donald K. Burleson has selected the most Elite instructors anywhere.  He wrote the book on Oracle tuning and have tuned Oracle systems for some of the world's largest corporations.  Our instructors are noted Oracle tuning authors and Oracle experts and authors of over 20 best-selling Oracle books.


Elite's expert instructors can provide world-class on-site Oracle tuning classes, covering virtually any Oracle tuning topic.  All Elite instructors are industry recognized DBA experts and authors of Oracle books and articles.  They are all Oracle Certified DBAs with more than 20 years of IT experience.


Sample on-site Oracle tuning courses include:

  • Oracle SGA tuning training course

  • Oracle SQL tuning training course

  • Oracle disk I/O tuning training course

  • Oracle network tuning training course

  • Oracle9iAS tuning training course

  • Oracle new features tuning training course

  • Oracle materialized views tuning training course

  • Oracle replication tuning training course



We provide on-site Oracle tuning training and Oracle tuning classes customized to your shop.


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Oracle performance tuning software
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