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Chapter 4 Oracle Instance Design

User Activity Reports

Using our user audit table to generate reports can provide a wealth of information that may prove to be critical to you as an Oracle Administrator. Our first report is a summary of total session time shown below.

We can start by creating a simple query against our user audit table that will show the day and date, the individual user ID, and the total number of minutes that the user spent on the system.  While primitive, this can give us an indication of the total amount of time that was spent on our system by each individual user. 

This information is especially useful where there are different user IDs going to different functional areas of the system.  For example, if the Oracle user IDs can be correlated directly to screen functions, then the Oracle administrator can get a very good idea of the amount of usage within each functional area of their Oracle applications.

Day        User       Minutes
---------- ---------- -------
02-03-06   APPLSYSPUB       0
           APPS           466
           OPS$ORACLE       7
           PERFSTAT        11


02-03-07   APPLSYSPUB       5
           APPS         1,913
           CUSJAN           1
           JANEDI           5
           OPS$ORACLE       6
           PERFSTAT       134
           SYS             58


02-03-08   APPLSYSPUB       1
           APPS         5,866
           OPS$ORACLE      15
           PERFSTAT        44
           SYS              6 


02-03-09   APPS             0
           OPS$ORACLE       0
           PERFSTAT        29

Listing 4- 4 -- A sample user activity report


Now let’s examine yet another type of report.

User Logon Detail Reports 

We can also use the same table to show the number of users that are on our system at any given hour of the day.  This information is especially useful for Oracle administrators who are in charge of tracking user activity.

By examining the user audit table for user log on times, we can get an accurate count of generated sessions at any given hour of the day.  This information can be represented as shown in listing 4- 5 below. 

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